(Photo Pack) European Streets


This reference pack has a variety of alleyways, streets, plazas, roads and others from Coimbra, Portugal. Shot from different angles at different times of day. Includes a variety of gardens and also bonus Romain Ruins from the city, dated circa 50 AD.

High-quality jpegs with camera resolution (4000px+).

280+ photos.

Great for matte painting, concept art and photo-bashing!

Camera Gear Specs:

  • Camera: Canon 1100D
  • Lens(es): Canon 28-80mm

Most architecture found in Portugal main cities feature facades and architecture which are protected by UNESCO and are part of World Heritage, exhibiting architecture art movements such as Art Nouveu, while some of the older buildings (like churches and cathedrals) date back to Renaissance period.

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Photo Pack - Coimbra Streets by Miguel Nogueira
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