Black Omen - Everydays

Over the past week I've done quick 1-2hour everydays during lunch break. I always do horror/moody shiz at work but somehow that never carried to my personal work... until now >:) I've been riding on this energy blast of inspiration and I'm not sure why.
Althou, this was great fun and I had a lot of laughs, it had it's time, it's the last dark art I'll make for a while, I'm kinda sick of it now. :)
Also I don't want my portfolio to be emo so I'll return to dark art maybe in 10 years :D

PS: I almost forgot, the necklace on the last ones was inspired/collab with Mariana, who does great arts and crafts, like necklaces and voodoo jewelry over at her instagram:

December 2, 2019